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Youth Innovation Grants are project-based grants awarded to young leaders with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) so they can promote inclusion in their school and community. The upcoming round will provide $500 USD, $1,000 USD, $1,500 USD, or $2,000 USD for projects.  

Cycle 8’s theme will be Global Accessibility to help highlight the need for increased digital accessibility. As the world is still grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, more and more interactions are taking place on the digital web. However, in the intellectual disabilities community the digital web can feel even more isolating as more than one million home pages have been flagged for accessibility issues. To learn more about cycle 8's theme click here

Individuals who are eligible to apply include: 

  • Youth Leaders ages 14-25 (If applying as a Unified Pair - one youth with ID and one youth without ID - both Youth must be within the required age range at the time the application is submitted)


Projects will expand on inclusion in a variety of areas. Examples of elements the projects should include:

  • Create new or expand existing Unified Schools programs

  • Engage new inclusive Youth Leaders

  • Drive sustainability and quality in youth and school-based programming

  • Host advocacy events on school campuses or within the community 

Resources on Global Accessibility 


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