Special Olympics Asia Pacific

Regional Youth Leadership Summit

Regional Youth Leadership Summits

Special Olympics Regional Youth Leadership Summits bring together Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) at the Regional level. Through workshops and training, young people are given the tools and skills necessary to be leaders of social change in their communities. The Asia Pacific Youth Leadership Summit, "Youth for Inclusion" was held in Singapore from December 1st - 4th, 2019.


Close to 100 Youth Leaders from 14 Special Olympics Programs came together to discuss commonly-faced issues of mental health and wellness, bullying and isolation, and post-school opportunities. Youth Leaders had the valuable opportunity to learn from subject experts and corporate partners who led skills-based workshops and gave project advice during consultations. Putting into action what they learned, Youth Leaders created innovative technological solutions to address the three issues in their home communities. Their projects will work to "create smart societies" that are not only tech-driven, but also inclusive and community centered. 

"I am very glad to have witnessed the amazing spirit and passion of youth throughout the three days of Youth for Inclusion. I've learnt a lot, especially how to communicate with an involve persons with ID in the things we do. Thank you for this wonderful experience!"

- Agnes Lee, Youth For Inclusion Intern



95 Youth Leaders


13 Youth Leaders

Involved in Planning

14 Programs Engaged

at Youth Summit

15 Sponsors, Partners,

and VIP's Engaged

190k+ Social Media



of participants were very satisfied with their project consultations with advisors


of participants were satisfied with the team building activities


of participants felt very satisfied with their experience pitching their projects

Project Spotlight

Grace and Jack

Special Olympics New Zealand

Grace and Jack are two Youth Leaders from Special Olympics New Zealand who are leading a Youth Innovation Project focused on increasing post-school opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Their Youth Innovation Project will focus on providing travel opportunities to and from sport and social events, both geographically and socially, to decrease feelings of isolation and increase opportunities for inclusive activities. Grace and Jack have been active participants in their Special Olympics New Zealand Clubs, and with most spread across the country, they have seen others face challenges when going to events because of travel.

SOAP Summit Final Report 

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