Special Olympics Latin America 

Regional Youth Leadership Summit

Regional Youth Leadership Summits

Special Olympics Regional Youth Leadership Summits bring together Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) at the Regional level. Through workshops and training, young people are given the tools and skills necessary to be leaders in their communities. The Latin America Youth Leadership Summit was held March 5-8, 2020. Youth Leaders heard from speakers, participated in an Inclusive Youth Leadership Workshop, and engaged in activities with members of the World Scout Organization. With representation from 10 Special Olympics Programs across the Region at the Special Olympics Latin America Regional Youth Leadership Summit, the impact of the event will continue into the future. The 10 delegations are excited to lead the future of the Unified Generation in their home countries with the new information they have learned!

"The Lead to Include Summit has been incredible. It has given me the opportunity to meet many people, learn new cultures, make new friends, and also learn how to develop the project that I brought in Panama."

- Rodrigo Cordova

Special Olympics Youth Leader

"It has been a beautiful experience. The activities were beautiful and motivating. I took all the knowledge learned to Honduras."

- Cristina Mendoza

Special Olympics Youth Leader



20 Youth Leaders


35 Athlete Leaders, Unified partners and volunteers engaged

10 Programs Engaged

at Youth Summit

12 Sponsors, Partners,

and VIP's Engaged

55k+ Social Media



of participants were very satisfied with the Youth Leadership Training they received.


of participants feel very confident in their ability to lead a project in their community to promote inclusion.


of participants were

very satisfied with their Youth Leadership Summit experience.

Project Spotlight

Exsaul and Rodrigo

Special Olympics Panama 

Exsaul and Rodrigo are two Youth Leaders from Special Olympics Panama who will be leading a project to raise awareness of employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Exsaul and Rodrigo noticed a lack of opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to enter the labor market in Panama and wanted to expand awareness of employers of the skills and abilities all individuals possess.


Through their project, Exsaul and Rodrigo's main goal is to raise awareness across companies of individuals with ID, so they stop seeing inclusion of people with disabilities as a legal requirement, but to understand others better and provide them with opportunities for both professional and personal development. Exsaul and Rodrigo will be creating a Unified Companies Pilot Plan to launch more inclusive opportunities in companies across Panama. To lead their project, Exsaul and Rodrigo will contact business unions for national and international companies and identify three that would implement the Unified Companies Pilot Plan. By working with a specific group of companies, Exsaul and Rodrigo will establish alliances to support training of individuals with ID and assist with their transition in the labor market.

SOLA Summit Final Report

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