Motor Activity Training Program

The Special Olympics Motor Activity Training Program (MATP) is a Special Olympics program that provides persons with severe, profound, or multiple ID with the opportunity to participate in adapted physical activities. This non-competitive program develops skills related to Special Olympics official sports and places an emphasis on achieving an athlete’s personal best. Through MATP, Special Olympics is able to demonstrate that people of all levels of ability can participate and benefit from physical activity and experience social inclusion through sport.

"Sport gives us a place to belong and to develop skills we never knew we had… MATP is such a good example of the real meaning of inclusion."

  - Ian Harper, Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger

MATP focuses on skills such as walking, rolling, throwing, striking, kicking, manual/electric wheelchair, and water skills that are considered the foundation for sport. MATP offers modifications to different activities within each of these skills to tailor them to participants’ individual functional abilities. MATP coaches are often professionals from fields such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or adapted physical education. Special Olympics hosts local, non-competitive “Challenge Days” for MATP participants to demonstrate the skills they have learned for their families and communities and celebrate the progress they have achieved.




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