Special Olympics Middle East North Africa 

Regional Youth Leadership Summit

Regional Youth Leadership Summits

Special Olympics Regional Youth Leadership Summits bring together Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) at the Regional level. Through workshops and training, young people are given the tools and skills necessary to be leaders in their communities. The Middle East North Africa Youth Leadership Summit was held January 25th - 27th, 2020. Youth Leaders participated in an Inclusive Youth Leadership Workshop, heard from local leadership experts, and visited events at the first-ever Pan African Games. With representation from eight Special Olympics Programs across the Middle East North Africa Region, and one Program from the Special Olympics Africa Region, the impact of the event will continue into the future. The delegations who attended are excited to lead the future of the Unified Generation in their home countries with the new information they have learned!

"This experience helped me gain confidence and opened my eyes to a new sense of acceptance I did not understand before."

- SOMENA Youth Volunteer



20 Youth Leaders


18 Youth Leaders

Involved in Planning

Programs Engaged

at Youth Summit

Sponsors, Partners,

and VIP's Engaged

25k+ Social Media



of participants were very satisfied with the Youth Leadership Training they received


of participants were very satisfied with their Youth Leadership Summit experience


of participants feel very confident in their ability to lead a project in their community to promote inclusion

Project Spotlight

Logayn and Heidi

Special Olympics Egypt

Logayn and Heidi are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Egypt who are leading a Youth Innovation Project to create online public platforms, like podcasts and YouTube episodes, to give Youth Leaders the opportunity to have discussions that raise awareness about inclusion within their community. Over the next few months, Logayn, Heidi and their adult mentor will work with Special Olympics Egypt to pilot their project and encourage Youth Leaders, local businesses, and other entities to participate and develop content for these media channels. Through the podcasts and YouTube episodes, Logayn and Heidi will cover topics such as bullying, education, health, and family dynamics.



Through this project, Logayn and Heidi are hoping their project will changes attitudes in their community to me more accepting and inclusive of individuals with intellectual disabilities. To measure the impact of their project, Logayn and Heidi will host monthly meetings with Special Olympics Egypt to evaluate what topics have gathered the most interest and what Youth Leaders or businesses are doing to actively promote inclusion. Logayn and Heidi are excited to see what actions are taken by members of their community to make the world more inclusive.

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