A Four-Part Move to Inclusion

Ni Che is a Special Olympics Youth Leader and university student from China who is excited to implement a Youth Innovation Project with “four dimensions: physical health, sports competition, humanities education and publicity and promotion.”


The physical health aspect of the project will to use the Healthy Athletes program to “make full use of our medical professional platform… to lay a healthy foundation for the promotion of inclusion.” After that, Unified Sports follow, “which aim to create opportunities for SO athletes and Unified partners to experience the charming of inclusion.” With regard to the humanities education aspect, Ni will “design a two-way inclusive course for long-term inclusion.” Ni hopes that this course will allow her fellow university students, who are often pressured with their studies, to gain motivation “to learn and participate in Unified activities.” Finally, she will promote this “atmosphere of inclusion through various ways of publicity” in order to ensure a long-lasting impact.


Ni believes that “continuous learning, conscientiousness and sense of mission will make the project a success” and a contribution to the Unified Generation. To her, “being part of a global Unified Generation means responsibility, mission and inheritance.” She feels her responsibility to develop a quality project and promote inclusion in her University, she feels the strong mission to help decrease social discrimination and encourage integration of people with ID in society, and she values a lasting impact through recruiting youth to join the inclusion revolution. Ni believes that “we should pay attention to training a Unified Generation. Then we will have more are more like-minded friends who participate in Special Olympics” and the global movement for inclusion.