A Network of Youth Leaders at Universities

Andreas and Konstantinos are Special Olympics Youth Leaders representing Special Olympics Hellas (Greece) who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Andreas and Konstantinos will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to create a network of Youth Leaders in universities around Greece. The pair plan to give presentations about Special Olympics, organize Unified game exhibitions, and creating Youth Activation Committees. After starting programs at three major universities, they will plan a Unified tournament with representatives from each school.


Over the course of six months, Andreas and Konstantinos will establish three new Unified Schools and engage nearly 600 students with and without intellectual disabilities. Andreas and Konstantinos hope that this project will inspire more Youth Leaders to participate in Unified programs and that they will continue working together to make a more inclusive community within their universities for years to come. By establishing new Unified Schools and connecting Youth Leaders at different universities, Andreas and Konstantinos are encouraging higher education institutions to choose to include.