A Space for Us and By Us in Argentina

Jesús and Mariana are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Argentina who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create an inclusive training space for Youth with and without intellectual disabilities. The space will be designed for Youth to learn more about Unified Sports and Inclusive Youth Leadership. Jesús and Mariana hope the space they create helps to establish a culture of friendship, leadership and inclusion in their community.


Over the course of six months, Jesús and Mariana will with work in partnership with Youth Leaders from SURICANA (Southern Association of Argentine-North American Cultural Exchange) to develop an inclusive leadership board while building their gathering space. Once their space is complete, Jesús and Mariana hope to use it as a welcoming environment for individuals with and without disabilities to learn leadership skills and form life-long friendships. In doing so, Jesús and Mariana hope their community of trained Youth Leaders will help establish health and wellness initiatives in their community by creating new Unified Schools and increasing Unified Sports opportunities in their local area.