A Unified Field Day Encouraging Inclusion

Grace and Heidi are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Forest Grove, Oregon. Grace and Heidi have enjoyed participating in Unified events at their high school, but noticed that younger students did not have the same opportunity. They have a goal to make Forest Grove a more accepting and inclusive community and will be leading their Youth Innovation Project to make it happen.


To make this change, Grace and Heidi plan to lead a Unified Field Day. Students from the surrounding schools will be invited to participate, with all ages and all ability levels in attendance. Students from the local high school Unified P.E. class, Unified Coffee Shop, and Partners Club will be lead activities during the event. Each high school student supporting the event will not only include others, but demonstrate and teach inclusion. With this attitude and mantra, Grace and Heidi believe the attendees will benefit greatly from their experience at the Unified Field Day. After the event, schools will receive a Respect Toolkit created and distributed by Grace and Heidi. The toolkits will not only provide information on how the schools can lead their own Unified Field Day, but how students can stay engaged in Unified activities throughout their entire educational experience.


Both Grace and Heidi have been involved in Special Olympics Unified programs for years and they are excited to share their experience with others. The two cannot wait to begin making a difference in their community and make inclusion a priority while at school and beyond. Grace and Heidi are excited to be youth leaders within the global Unified Generation because they are part of the generation that “welcomes all people in the same way, because we recognize we are all the same inside.”