An Inclusive Field Day

Nasirah and Malachi are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Washington, D.C. who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Nasirah and Malachi will lead a Youth Innovation Project that promotes inclusion and prevents bullying through participation in an Inclusive Field Day at their school. The day will begin with trainings on people-first language and the Spread the Word: Inclusion campaign. Students will then transition outside for a variety of activities including kickball, a three-legged race series, tug-o-war matches, water balloon fights, and a dance party.


Beyond simply having fun, Nasirah and Malachi hope that students will build the communication, problem solving and teamwork skills that are necessary for creating a more accepting and inclusive world. Through their organization of an Inclusive Field Day and example of Inclusive leadership at their school, Nasirah and Malachi are empowering the Unified Generation by inspiring new Youth Leaders to spread messages of inclusion, unity, and joy.