A Unified School District in Connecticut

John and Thomas are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Connecticut who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. John and Thomas will lead a Youth Innovation Project aimed at making every school in their school community, from elementary school to high school, a Unified School. They will accomplish this by sharing the strategies they learned and developed at the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit with teachers, administration, and the Board of Education.


Over the course of the next year, John and Thomas will start Young Athletes Programs at the two elementary schools, bring Unified Sports to the middle school, and make their high school, which is already a Unified School, a Unified Champion School. John and Thomas estimate 200 students with and without intellectual disabilities will be engaged in their project, 30 of which will become Youth Leaders alongside John and Thomas. John and Thomas believe that the sustainability of their project matters and while the 30 new Youth Leaders will certainly provide lasting support for Special Olympics, John and Thomas plan to encourage long-term leadership development support in Unified Sports teams. By creating a fully unified school community, John and Thomas are inviting all students to join the Unified Generation.