A Unified Video Series

Dorian and David are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Hungary who are leading a Youth Innovation Project with a team of six high school students to utilize the power of social media to bring attention for Special Olympics and how sports can positively impact the lives of those with and without intellectual disabilities. Through social media, regular and consistent content with photos and videos from Special Olympics events will be shared with people in Hungary and around the world. Members of the team have experience creating promotional movies, and will use their skills to produce short clips that will be easily consumable by young audience members.   


This video series will not only bring attention to Special Olympics programs at the team’s school and surrounding community, but will also encourage new students to participate in programs of the organization. Between the promotional materials and new involvement within the Special Olympics organization, more individuals will be exposed to the lives of those who have intellectual disability and create a more realistic image of the power of the human spirit. The footage shared will spread positivity about the people of Special Olympics and the activities they participate in.   


The team is excited to start this project, but Dorian and David are especially inspired by the opportunity to meet more Special Olympics athletes and hear their stories and experiences. By capturing these stories on video, these two hope other teens will be motivated to join the movement for inclusion and continue to share more experiences together. As members of the Unified Generation, Dorian and David believe they are more conscious and aware of different intellectual disabilities and have the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. By sharing what they know, they believe they can help a cause and help create an inclusive future.