A Unified Week

Siti is a Special Olympics Youth Leader in Brunei Darussalam who is excited to lead a Youth Innovation Project to create a Special Olympics Unified Week to celebrate inclusion and bring awareness to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As a volunteer for a weekly Young Athletes program, Siti learned that being engaged in a Unified activity could change perspectives and mindsets toward individuals with intellectual disabilities. By engaging youth leaders, university students, volunteers, teachers, coaches, and Special Olympics athletes, Siti will bring this realization to create an even larger impact in the community.


The Special Olympics Unified Week will offer a variety of activities for individuals to engage in over the course of a few days. Activities include a Creativity Day, where people can participate in art workshops and contests; a Green Environment Day, where participants will garden and engage in activities that support nature; and a Sports Day where participants will partake in a variety of sporting events. In all of the events occurring during the week, individuals with and without intellectual disability will have the opportunity to learn and play together through recreational and sport-related activities. Introducing these opportunities will engage a larger audience and open the eyes of the community to a more inclusive way of life.


Siti is excited to see how the project connects youth and adults to others in their community and watch as they engage in projects together. To Siti, being part of the Unified Generation means “being inclusive to others and able to participate in similar activities and given the same opportunities, despite any differences.” The Unified Week project will demonstrate how everyone can participate together and grow to build a more inclusive tomorrow.