A Youth Forum Inspires Inclusive Change

Lucas was named Innovator of the Week! Click here to hear more about his story and the impact he is making in his community. 


Lucas and Silvero, Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Argentina, will be planning and leading a Special Olympics Youth Forum. Working alongside the Special Olympics Argentina Director of Innovative Programs, professors, families, and students of the Juan XXIII school, Lucas and Silvero will lead a Youth Innovation Project to attract, train, and motivate new Unified Schools through the Youth Forum. They hope their enthusiasm and service to the community will assist in the construction of an inclusive society.


Throughout the inclusion-focused Youth Forum, youth leaders will be able to engage in conversations about education and discuss best practices in bringing together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Argentina will come together to share concepts, experiences, and tools that have worked to increase inclusion in their communities. With 70 Youth Leaders anticipated for the Youth Forum, Lucas and Silvero hope that at least two Unified Schools will make the transition to Unified Champion Schools. With conversations and training around disability awareness, negative attitudes and stereotypes toward individuals with disabilities will be combated with the promotion of individual abilities and opportunities.


Both Lucas and Silvero are excited to lead and participate in this project to assist in the construction of a more inclusive and equitable society. These two view their participation in the Unified Generation as a privilege and large responsibility to change the history of the social outlook toward people with disabilities. They are excited to eliminate the barriers that have been constructed and lead the next generation forward.