Advocacy in Lesotho

Lerato is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Lesotho who will lead a Youth Innovation Project aimed at raising awareness of intellectual disabilities and combating stigma and discrimination in her community. Lerato wants To make the project as accessible as possible, Lerato designed several different Unified programs, each targeted at spreading her message to a different audience.


Over the course of six months, Lerato will organize several traditional gatherings facilitated by area chiefs. This includes a road show encompassing a Unity walk in the capital city, performances at local schools by Special Olympics Lesotho athletes and host a Unified Sports tournament for various schools in her area. In addition to this, Lerato will partner with local organizations to run campaigns promoting issues of inclusion, abuse and the protection of people with intellectual disabilities. One campaign will focus on health and nutrition with the goal of creating healthy lifestyles for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. With the lack of education and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities in her community, Lerato is committed to filling this void in order to create a Unified Generation in Lesotho.