Breaking Down Barriers with Unified Schools

Benedek and Alexandra are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Hungary leading a Youth Innovation Project to initiate Unified Schools programming in schools across Hungary. This project will help break down the barriers in Hungary and make schools socially inclusive. Benedek and Alexandra plan for this project – with its Unified Sports and public awareness events - to be a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Special Olympics Hungary. In September 2018, Benedek and Alexandra participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a plan to execute their Unified Schools project at home in Hungary.


Benedek and Alexandra will first recruit five pairs of new youth leaders – with and without intellectual disabilities – and prepare them for leadership roles to engage schools in Unified Sports. These five Unified pairs will help organize Unified Sports amongst participating regular and special schools and recruit additional youth leaders to continue the growth of Unified Schools in Hungary. Benedek and Alexandra aim to recruit at least 30 new Unified pairs to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Special Olympics Hungary.


In the coming months, Benedek and Alexandra will establish a project committee with other youth leaders and begin visiting schools to recruit them to participate in Unified Sports. After organizing and leading Unified Sports activities with these schools, Benedek and Alexandra aim to host a Special Olympics Youth Leadership Summit for all of the newly recruited youth leaders to meet, share their experiences within Special Olympics, and plan for even more growth. Alongside youth leaders in Hungary and around the world, Benedek and Alexandra are growing the Unified Generation in their home country and beyond