Bring Health Awareness to Malawi

Peter is a Special Olympics Youth Leader and Lions Club Leo from Malawi leading an initiative to provide health education and lessons about intellectual disabilities in his community. In September 2018, Peter participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan to learn how to enhance the impact of his youth leadership and establish a project plan for his initiative.


Through his project, Peter aims to train youth leaders, coaches, volunteers and other community members on issues surrounding intellectual disabilities. He will also encourage local schools to host Special Olympics events throughout the year as well as form new partnerships with schools that are not yet involved.


Peter has a brother with an intellectual disability and he learned at an early age how to be inclusive of his brother and others with intellectual disabilities. However, he knows that his community has a lot to learn about being accepting and inclusive. Peter’s experience as a sibling motivates him to “create a conducive environment for all people with intellectual disability and also help those around them to fully understand how they can support them.” He hopes that his education project will empower people with intellectual disabilities and create a more supportive community.


Peter is excited to be a part of the Unified Generation. To him, the Unified Generation means “being in a society where inclusion is at the center social transformation.” It means equal opportunity and zero discrimination. As a leader of the Unified Generation, Peter is creating inclusion in Malawi and inspiring inclusion around the world.