Building a Sibling Network

Kelvin is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Tanzania who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to hold sibling seminars for siblings of Special Olympics athletes in his community. Through this project, Kelvin will develop a network of sibling leaders, using Unified Sports as a platform for engagement. Kelvin aims for this project to increase involvement in Unified Sports, connect siblings with and without intellectual disabilities, and change the community’s perception of people with intellectual disabilities.


Kelvin believes that sibling seminars will offer siblings of people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to develop leadership skills, share their experiences, and form lasting relationships. Through the sibling network, Kelvin expects these youth to become agents of change within their schools and communities. His experience as a sibling of a person with an intellectual disability was part of the inspiration behind this project. Kelvin has seen firsthand the impact that Unified Sports have on sibling relationships and the broader community and is committed to extending that opportunity to others.


Kelvin is excited to be a part of the Unified Generation and develop future inclusive leaders. To him, the Unified Generation is critical for improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and changing the perceptions of the greater community. As a leader of the Unified Generation, Kelvin is creating inclusion in Tanzania and inspiring inclusion around the world.








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