Building Bonds through Arts and Crafts

Jerry is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Tanzania who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to spread inclusion in his school and community through arts and crafts. Jerry is inspired by his own experiences with his brother who has an intellectual disability and has found that doing creative projects allows them to bond and learn from one another. Jerry will encourage Youth with and without intellectual disabilities in his community to come together for a Unified arts and crafts activity. In October 2019, Jerry participated in the Special Olympics Africa Regional Youth Leadership Summit in Nairobi, Kenya and learned how the importance of youth leadership and engagement can lead to a stronger Unified Generation.


Over the course of three months, Jerry will engage thirty young people with and without intellectual disabilities in his arts and crafts program and hopes to encourage at least twenty of them to stay engaged as a Special Olympics Youth Leader. Jerry’s project will not end there. Jerry hopes to develop a sustainable arts and crafts program that continues after the grant period has ended, so more community members can be involved. To Jerry, being part of the Unified Generation means breaking the barriers of stigma built by fear and ignorance and replacing them with bonds based on love, trust, and mutual respect. Jerry is making this a reality with his inclusive arts and crafts program and by engaging others to join the Unified Generation.