Building Health through Sports and Inclusion through Action

Alejandro and Karina are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Costa Rica who will lead a Youth Innovation Project with two main goals: building health through sports and an initiative they are calling, “Inclusion in Action,” which focuses on creating inclusive environments in Unified Schools and companies. Alejandro and Karina will build health through sports by supporting Special Olympics Costa Rica programming and organize a “Circuit of Inclusion” tennis tournament, where the three main tennis clubs in the country will invite young people with and without intellectual disabilities to compete. Alejandro and Karina will lead “Inclusion in Action” by promoting inclusive education programs in schools, creating inclusive programs in leading companies in Costa Rica and develop an app that matches employees with intellectual disabilities with companies.


Over the course of 12 months, Alejandro and Karina will empower 50 new Youth Leaders, have over 75 athletes with and without intellectual disabilities participate in their tennis tournaments and create at least three inclusive programs in Costa Rican companies. After the grant period ends, Alejandro and Karina will continue the project through external support of their family, schools and community. To Alejandro and Karina, being part of the Unified Generation means being “ambassadors and promoters of social inclusion in [their] community,” and they are excited to bring health and inclusion to Costa Rica and inspire others to join the Unified Generation.