"Play Inclusive 2019"

Florence and Aliyah are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Singapore who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Together, Florence and Aliyah will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to build inclusive leadership by empowering youth with intellectual disabilities through sports, public speaking training, personal grooming workshops, and management seminars. Florence and Aliyah will draw from their previous experience with past Special Olympics forums, summits, and activities to build a better community for youth with intellectual disabilities in Singapore.  


Over the course of twelve months, Florence and Aliyah will set out to educate and empower a new generation of Youth Leaders through their “Play Inclusive 2019” program. Florence and Aliyah will engage 170 youth with and without intellectual disabilities and hope to develop new Unified Schools and new Unified Champion Schools through their project. Through this project, Youth Leaders with intellectual disabilities will have a platform to share their personal journey and experience with Youth Leaders without intellectual disabilities in hopes of building a Unified Generation that is ready to support and advocate together for people with intellectual disabilities.