Celebrating Achievement and Growing the Unified Generation

Satyananda and Stephanus are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Indonesia leading a Youth Innovation Project to increase social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in their community. They want people in society to appreciate people who have intellectual disabilities and see them as equals. Their project will help those with and without intellectual disabilities gain confidence and skills through sports and other inclusive activities.


Satyananda and Stephanus’s project will include several events to engage new Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Indonesia and bring youth with and without intellectual disability through activities like Unified dance, group dinners, and public art exhibitions. Through these events, Satyananda and Stephanus aim to showcase the achievements of Special Olympics athletes and other youth leaders and develop a platform for them to share their stories. Through their project, Satyananda and Stephanus will engage more and more Special Olympics Youth Leaders to advance the mission of social inclusion for all and create environments where all people can be proud of their achievements while having fun together.


With leadership of Satyananda, Stephanus, the Special Olympics Youth Leaders they recruit in Indonesia, and their peers around the world, the Unified Generation is growing in Indonesia and beyond.






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