Celebrating Hidden Talents to Create Inclusion

Prince was named Innovator of the Week! Click here to learn more about his story and the impact he is making in his community. 


Prince and Tugamirai are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who hope to create a sense of unity within their community through a talent show in their hometown of Harare. Through their Youth Innovation Project, Prince and Tugamirai intend to fight the discrimination faced by people with intellectual disabilities by showing that “disability does not mean inability.” Their talent show will be broadcast on local media sources and social media networks in order to create greater awareness of intellectual disability. Prince and Tugamirai believe that by displaying the talents of young people with intellectual disability, these youth can earn respect and create a more accepting and inclusive community.


Prince and Tugamirai’s event will bring the community together to celebrate the “hidden talents” of their peers with intellectual disability. Community members can participate as “fans in the stands” and cheer on their peers in person at the talent show or through online platforms. Prince and Tugamirai look forward to sharing the talents of their peers with their community.


This project and their role in the Unified Generation means a lot to Prince and Tugamirai. To them, being a part of this movement means an opportunity to “change the world, bring smiles to people with intellectual disability, and bring people together.” They are thrilled to be a part of the Unified Generation that is working to create an inclusive world in Zimbabwe and beyond.