Celebrating Inclusion on Social Media

Mirko and Darija are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Montenegro who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Mirko and Darija will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to establish social media accounts that share the power of Special Olympics. In doing so, Mirko and Darija hope to show what we, as a Unified Generation, can do to create an inclusive world.


Mirko and Darija will begin their six-month project by creating teams led by inclusive Youth Leaders. These teams will design and maintain social media pages, organize Unified events across Montenegro, and report on the stories of inclusion that arise out of the Unified events. Mirko and Darija hope to inspire Youth Leaders to establish four new Unified Schools and two new Unified Sports clubs to carry on the practice of inclusion beyond the duration of their Youth Innovation Project. By establishing social media platforms to share stories about the power of Special Olympics, Mirko and Darija are creating a permanent hub for stories of hope, confidence, and courage, from the Unified Generation.