Community Engagement In Peru

Josecarlos is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Peru who is interested in expanding opportunities for youth to be involved in the community. Through his project, Josecarlos will establish partnerships with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide inclusive extracurricular activities. Josecarlos was inspired to create this project after noticing a lack of opportunities in his community for youth with intellectual disabilities.


Josecarlos will begin by forming a committee of volunteers from local NGOs who will help him design the activities for this project called “Inclusión Social”. Through Inclusión Social, Josecarlos will establish inclusive activities that introduce youth with intellectual disabilities to the civic and sports sectors, artistic and cultural activities, and environmental protection advocacy organizations. Josecarlos hopes that the partnering NGOs will continue to work with Special Olympics Peru to establish long-term opportunities for youth in Lima. By encouraging Youth Leaders to explore a variety of engagement opportunities, Josecarlos is empowering the Unified Generation to become leaders and community advocates for the causes they care about most.