Connecting Youth in Germany

Florian is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Germany who attended the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Florian will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to use sports as a tool to empower and unite youth with and without intellectual disabilities. Florian will mobilize community partnerships and draw from previous experiences with Special Olympics leadership events to build a more inclusive society for youth with intellectual disabilities in Germany.  


Over the course of six months, Florian will work closely with the Bavarian Sports Association, “Bayerische Sportjugend” to implement a series of United Sports activities over two weekends. Florian hopes that by uniting youth through sports, youth with and without intellectual disabilities will better understand each other, and that these interactions will ultimately develop into genuine friendships and a more unified community. Florian will also use the sports setting as an opportunity to provide leadership training for 20 new Youth Leaders who will be recruited through planning and implementation activities. These 20 new Youth Leaders will stand alongside Florian’s Unified Sports participants as the newest members of the Unified Generation.