Crafting the Unified Generation

Rekha and Sagarika are siblings and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from India who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to hold annual inclusive art, craft and painting exhibitions. They will partner with schools, universities, and non-governmental organizations to obtain the resources to hold these events. Artwork from the exhibitions will be sold and the generated profit will be used to fund future Special Olympics programs. Rekha and Sagarika hope that the exhibitions and other programs will promote inclusion, provide a platform for Special Olympics athletes to nourish their talents, improve athletes’ physical fitness, and showcase the true potential of people of all abilities.


Rekha and Sagarika believe that their project can help “bridge the gap between people with intellectual disabilities and mainstream people by spreading awareness in the most effective manner.” They hope that by targeting youth, they can “change the typical mentality of the society.” Rekha is the sibling of a person with an intellectual disability and has seen how society can exclude people like her sister. She is determined to “take a front step to change their viewpoint to a greater extent.” As a sibling, Rekha has seen the importance of family in engage in Unified activities and she wants to “motivate and inspire the athletes and their families to perpetuate their journey in Special Olympics.”


To ensure Rekha and Sagarika's message of inclusion is being communicated effectively, they will utilize social media as a major platform in spreading awareness. Rekha and Sagarika hope they are able to engage more youth leaders who are inspired to bridge the gap between people with and without intellectual disabilities.


Rekha and Sagarika are excited to work together as part of the Unified Generation. To them, the Unified Generation means taking responsibility to put forth effort for the benefit of people with intellectual disabilities. As leaders of the Unified Generation, Rekha and Sagarika are creating inclusion in India and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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