Creating a League of Inclusion in Italy

Angelo and Domenico are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Italy who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to establish a Unified bowling team. Angelo and Domenico have competed together through the Gocce Special Team, an amateur sports association for individuals with disabilities. Angelo was influenced to join the team because of his brother, who has an intellectual disability. Angelo’s brother is passionate about competing on his football team because through Unified Sports, he no longer has to be a spectator.


Through their involvement on the Gocce Special Team, Angelo met Domenico and saw the opportunity to increase sports opportunities for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. While they have both enjoyed their time playing gocce and football, Angelo and Domenico are excited to launch a new Unified bowling league. Angelo and Domenico will recruit players and volunteer coaches from high schools in their community to create at least one Unified team. Angelo and Domenico are hopeful that their Unified bowling league will form friendships and spread inclusion across schools in Italy.