Creating a Space for Self-Expression in Lithuania

Mantas and Vesta are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Lithuania who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create a promotional video demonstrating how young people use art to express their unique identities. Many individuals with and without intellectual disabilities find it limiting to only communicate through methods such as writing or speaking. Through their project, Mantas and Vesta are encouraging young people use art to share their stories and express themselves.


Over the course of six months, Mantas and Vesta will work with young people with and without intellectual disabilities to create a promotional video for Unified art and Special Olympics Lithuania. The promotional video will highlight the creative process and experiences of Unified art participants. Mantas and Vesta hope that by highlighting the natural beauty and joy that comes from creative expression, they will inspire others to take part in their inclusive art programs. Mantas and Vesta are building a community where young people can fully express themselves without fear. In doing so, Mantas and Vesta are modeling the power of inclusion and acceptance for the Unified Generation.






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