Creating a Unified Botswana

Botshelo is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Botswana who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to assist people with intellectual disabilities in engaging in activities in the community. Botshelo envisions people with intellectual disabilities participating in more family, school and community events so that the negative views of society may change.


Botshelo is the sibling of a person with an intellectual disability. She has learned that many people have misconceptions about people with disabilities and can be exclusive and unaccepting. Botshelo believes that education and exposure to people with intellectual disabilities could make a great impact on the views of society. She anticipates that her project will disprove commonly believed myths about intellectual disabilities and foster acceptance and inclusion in her community.


Botshelo is excited to be a part of the Unified Generation. To her, being a part of the Unified Generation means working together to improve society’s perception of people with intellectual disabilities. As a leader of the Unified Generation, Botshelo is creating inclusion in Botswana and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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