Creating an Inclusive Community

David and Luisa are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Italy who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. David and Luisa will lead a Youth Innovation Project that engages new Youth Leaders to plan and implement the Interregional Games in Rieti. Youth Leaders will share their planning process, promotion of the events, and event highlights through social media.


Over the course of three short months, David and Luisa will recruit Youth Leaders and volunteers, hold training sessions, and plan the Interregional Games. David and Luisa estimate they will engage 150 new Youth Leaders in the process. By empowering new Youth Leaders to play a visible role in creating an event for their community, David and Luisa can spark a sustained passion for inclusion beyond the Interregional Games. David and Luisa hope that the Interregional Games in Rieti will inspire neighboring towns to similarly engage Youth Leaders and host their own Unified Sports events. David and Luisa are inspiring the Youth Leaders of tomorrow by giving them the opportunity to shine today. In doing so, David and Luisa are ensuring the future of the #InclusionRevolution in Italy.