Creating a Unified School in Guatemala

Karen is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Guatemala who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to make her high school a Unified School by educating students about inclusion and Unified Sports. These new Youth Leaders will in turn be able to pass on the information they’ve learned and share their experiences with others. At the end of the project, Karen will hold a final meeting where both the Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities and the Unified athletes and partners can reflect on their experiences and how they will continue to contribute to inclusion in their school.


Over the course of six months, Karen will engage over 300 students with and without intellectual disabilities, train 50 new Youth Leaders and create one Unified School. This is the first time a program like this is being implemented in her area, and Karen is excited to introduce ideas of acceptance, respect and unity to her school. By starting a Unified Sports program, making her school a Unified School and training new Youth Leaders, Karen is spreading awareness of Special Olympics and growing the Unified Generation in Guatemala.