Creating Employment Opportunities for All

Rodney and Beuter are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Kenya who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to create employment and social opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities by creating a self-sustaining poultry keeping program. By implementing this project in their hometown, Rodney and Beuter will be able to provide economic support and technical training to young people while also providing an opportunity for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities towork side by side. In October 2019, Rodney and Beuter participated in the Special Olympics Africa Regional Youth Leadership Summit in Nairobi, Kenya and learned how the importance of youth leadership and engagement can lead to a stronger Unified Generation.


Over the course of twelve months, Rodney and Beuter will build the business from the ground up; clearing the land, constructing the poultry house, and raising the chicks. Throughout this process, they will work with young people to teach them the skills they will need to maintain the poultry house, raise the chicks, and harvest products along the way. In addition to work skills, the young people will learn to work alongside their peers of all ability levels. Through this project, Rodney and Beuter hope to generate a new culture of inclusion and acceptance in their community.