Creating Inclusion by Drawing from Personal Experience

Renee is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Mexico who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Latin America Family and Sibling Workshop. Renee will lead a Youth Innovation Project to engage new youth leaders, particularly siblings of youth with intellectual disabilities. Through personal experience, Renee has learned the power and beauty of learning from a sibling with an intellectual disability and hopes to spread her message of its positivity to others by engaging new Youth Leaders and increasing the number of youth Special Olympics volunteers in her community.  


Over a period of six months, Renee will approach local schools and clubs to create a Unified community, demonstrate the importance of inclusion, and engage siblings of youth with an intellectual disability. She hopes to recruit 20 new Youth Leaders, develop 4 new Unified Champion Schools, and engage 30 youth with intellectual disabilities. By spreading awareness about Special Olympics, Renee will establish a supportive, informed environment for youth with intellectual disabilities and their siblings.