Creating New Unified Sports

Joshua and Kayla are Special Olympics Youth Leaders and high school students in North Carolina. Joshua and Kayla’s school does not have an official Unified Sports team, but with the help of some teachers and staff, they have been able to lead their own version of inclusive kickball, basketball and track. The school currently has a Unified Club with almost 100 members and has been in contact with two other nearby schools about competing together in Unified Sports. With a passion to bring an official Unified Sports team to their school, Joshua and Kayla are ready to make a change.


To increase participation in Unified Sports within the school district, Joshua and Kayla will work to implement an official Unified Sports team and improve communication between schools. The Unified Sports program will not only be introduced to Northwood High School, but to Jordan Matthews High School and Chatham Central High School. By introducing other schools into the mission of the Unified Sports movement, Joshua and Kayla are excited to create a community of inclusion. The activity and excitement within the Unified Club at Northwood has transferred to the other schools in the areas. By increasing the opportunity for all students to compete in Unified Sports, and host competitions against nearby schools, the entire community will become part of the Unified Generation.


To Joshua and Kayla, being part of the Unified Generation means “creating more opportunities to allow general education students to involve themselves and become part of Special Olympics and the Unified Sports movement!” They are definitely headed in the right direction.