Creating Opportunity and Inclusion through Skills Training

Grace is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Tarkwa, in the Western Region of Ghana. Through her Youth Innovation Project, Grace plans to increase opportunities for youth with intellectual disabilities after secondary school through an inclusive vocational skills training program. Grace was inspired to create a vocational training program after observing the lack of opportunity for persons with intellectual disabilities in her community. Grace recognized how this lack of opportunity creates a sense of isolation for people with intellectual disability in her community, even making them feel burdensome to their friends and families. Through an inclusive vocational training program, she hopes to “create a sense of belonging and boost the confidence of those with intellectual disability.”


Grace’s project will provide training in skills such as athletics, baking, and woodwork. Youth without intellectual disability will train alongside youth with intellectual disability throughout the project, creating bonds of friendship where everyone can learn from each other. Grace’s project will create lasting impact by shifting the perception of intellectual disability in Tarkwa and equipping youth with skills to prepare for an inclusive adulthood in the community and a lifetime in the Unified Generation.