Creating Unity at Schools in Shanghai

Selina is a Special Olympics Youth Leader leading the charge on guiding young athletes and youth leaders to participate in Unified Sports in China. This project will aim to increase awareness of Special Olympics and create opportunities for athletes and partners to play together. Selina will work with two schools to establish a Unified floorball team and a Unified club.


To create the new team, Selina will work with a traditional school and special education school. By establishing trainings and seminars on Unified programming, Selina believes this will encourage students to step up and join the growing Unified Sports movement. Selina said, “It will make a large impact on not only the athletes involved and the Unified partners, but also for the Special Olympics families.”


In  December 2017, Selina participated in a Special Olympics US-China Exchange and became inspired by the inclusive projects and activities taking place in U.S. schools.. From this experience, Selina became motivated to implement the ideas into schools in China. With the introduction of Unified floorball at these schools, and the creation of a Unified club, Selina is confident her project will lead to more inclusion and respect for people of all abilities in China and beyond.






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