Cycling Opportunities for All

Effie is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Kenya who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to promote inclusion in her community through an inclusive cycling program. The project will make use of cycling equipment adapted for people of different abilities and will encourage people with intellectual disabilities, their siblings, and other youth to participate. Effie plans to hold weekly training sessions with experienced coaches to teach young people how to use the adapted bicycles. Cycling sessions will be a space for both fitness and socializing, bringing family and friends together through a common activity. 


Growing up with two siblings with intellectual disabilities, Effie understands the challenges that people with intellectual disabilities and their siblings face, especially when it comes to facing public stigma. Effie hopes this project will spread a message throughout the community that people with intellectual disabilities “are capable, can make a difference and are born to do great things.” Additionally, this project aims to shed light on the needs of siblings of people with intellectual disabilities and strengthen sibling bonds.


Effie is excited to be a part of the Unified Generation. To her, the Unified Generation means bringing youth together to reduce stigma and share the strengths of Special Olympics athletes. As a leader of the Unified Generation, Effie is creating inclusion in Kenya and inspiring inclusion around the world.






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