Dance and Yoga to Improve Quality of Life for Youth with Intellectual Disability

Aakriti and Alankar are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Bharat (India) who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Asia Pacific Family and Sibling Workshop. Together, Aakriti and Alankar will lead a Youth Innovation Project using dance and yoga to spread joy and empowerment to youth with and without intellectual disabilities. Through lived experience, Aakriti and Alankar believe that their project will reduce stigma and build a supportive, well-informed community, for youth with intellectual disability.  


Over a period of twelve months, Aakriti and Alankar will approach potential new and existing Unified Schools to raise awareness about their project, and engage 20 new Youth Leaders and 230 youth with and without intellectual disabilities throughout Jammu, India. Aakriti and Alankar will work with local schools in the community to integrate dance and yoga as a part of the daily routine for athletes with intellectual disabilities, empower youth with intellectual disabilities through dance recitals performed with an audience, and reduce stigma by educating and involving youth without Intellectual Disability.