Developing Leaders in Inclusion

Stephanus is a Special Olympics Youth Leader and Leo from Indonesia leading a Youth Innovation Project to support local youth with and without intellectual disabilities to develop leadership skills, especially those needed in the workplace. In September 2018, Stephanus participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of his youth leadership and establish a plan to execute his project at home in Indonesia. Through his project, youth with and without intellectual disability will receive training and experience with a local baking company.


Through his project, Stephanus aims to support other youth to gain skills from cooking and baking and provide an example to community businesses of the strengths of an inclusive workforce. Throughout the training, Stephanus will post all of the progress on social media for all to see the power of youth leadership and inclusive workplaces. With this project, Stephanus is committed to changing the minds of individuals and companies to increase opportunities for inclusion in the workforce in Indonesia.


In the coming months, Stephanus will partner with a local baking company to organize and lead inclusive training sessions. With the skills that the participants develop through the training, they will not only be better bakers but also more effective advocates for inclusion in schools, communities, and workplaces. By changing perceptions and creating more opportunities for inclusion, Stephanus is growing the Unified Generation in Indonesia and beyond.






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