Developing Vocational Skills for a More Inclusive Future

Paola and Daniel are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Colombia who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to generate strategies to develop individual vocational skills and promote inclusion in their community of Suba. Paola and Daniel, with the support of two adult mentors, will also be encouraging teachers to join in their project and assist in creating a community of inclusion.


With their project, Paola and Daniel will lead workshops for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to enhance their vocational skills. They will be supported by their school and other institutions in their community of Suba. Anyone who is part of the community and in one of the nearby schools can participate in these workshops and develop their vocational skills. The goal of Paola and Daniel’s project is to identify the strengths of individuals with intellectual disabilities that will help them succeed in a job. The workshops will also identify areas for improvement and offer advice and new ideas to enhance skills. The schools in the community are excited to host these workshops and know that all students will benefit from learning more about how to obtain a job and succeed in the workplace.


Paola and Daniel are thrilled to be creating a more inclusive society. They believe that being part of the Unified Generation means being part of a process that demands leadership, commitment to responsibility to an ever-changing community. With their project, Paola and Daniel will be creating a more inclusive future in Suba, Colombia, and around the world.