Empowering Girls of All Abilities for Inclusion

Nachel and Nyasha are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Zimbabwe who are committed to the empowerment of all girls, with and without intellectual disabilities. Through their Youth Innovation Project, Nachel and Nyasha will empower girls ages 13-19 with and without intellectual disabilities in 3 of Zimbabwe’s major cities to give them a voice. In Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare, Nachel and Nyasha will equip young girls with essential speaking and advocacy skills to grow their confidence and empower them to act on issues that matter to them. Through their project, they will tackle local challenges that place girls with and without intellectual disabilities at risk for reduced opportunities and even abuse in their communities.


Through their project, Nachel and Nyasha will work to teach girls with and without intellectual disability “how to be confident, smart, proud and powerful through facilitated dialogue with their peers as well as experienced and well trained teen life coaches.” Nachel and Nyasha will create safe spaces for girls to share their stories and learn from each other. These will be opportunities for young girls, with and without ID, to learn important life skills together and build their confidence. their project, Nachel and Nyasha will tackle inequality of gender and ability, embracing the mission of the Unified Generation to include people of all abilities, ages and genders.