Empowering the Next Generation of Youth Leaders in Venezuela

Arturo and Isabella are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Venezuela leading a Youth Innovation Project to recruit and empower youth leaders to grow the Special Olympics movement in Venezuela. Through their project, Arturo and Isabella will be equipping youth leaders with the ability to lead inclusive projects in areas throughout the city of Caracas.


Throughout their project, Arturo and Isabella will engage 30 youth leaders in a process of training and leadership development to assist in the creation of projects that push the Unified Generation forward. These youth leaders will be developing five projects to increase inclusion through the Special Olympics movement in their schools and communities. As the youth leaders carry out their projects, they will work with local sponsors and assist others in living the Unified experience.


Arturo has a passion to lead this project alongside Isabella because of his experience in a Unified School. During his time in school, Arturo became a champion of inclusive learning. For three years, Arturo saw the positive impact of Unified Sports on campus. Through this project, Arturo and Isabella will continue to create unique and educational opportunities that focus on inclusion and whole-school engagement opportunities for students on campus. By empowering the next group of youth leaders about the positive impact of inclusion in schools, Arturo and Isabella’s leadership is growing the Unified Generation in Venezuela and beyond. 








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