Empowering Youth Leaders in Turkey

Yalkin was named Innovator of the Week! Click here to hear more about his story and the impact he is making in his community.


Yalkin is a Special Olympics Youth Leader in Turkey leading a Youth Innovation Project to organize a three-day conference to train students and sports coaches to create Unified Sports and inclusive youth leadership opportunities throughout the country.  While attending the Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan this September, Yalkin gained new ideas and activities he can use during his project. 


A focus for Yalkin in designing and executing the conference will be to engage students from current Unified Schools and empower them to grow the inclusive activities in their schools. As he prepares for the conference, he will organize speakers, presentations and other conversation topics for participants. Some discussion topics include how to plan leadership workshops and how to organize Unified Sports events. With the students at current Unified Schools, adult mentors and coaches, and other Special Olympics athletes, Yalkin will equip youth from around the country to grow the Unified movement in their schools.


By finding and empowering new youth leaders to propel the Special Olympics movement, Yalkin aims to build stronger relationships amongst participants and continue the mission of inclusion everywhere. After individuals attend the conference, Yalkin wants them to leave feeling prepared to continue the Unified movement at their schools and in their communities. With Yalkin’s leadership and commitment to empowering more youth leaders, the Unified Generation is growing in Turkey and around the world.







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