Engaging Female Athletes through New Unified Sports

Bianca is a Special Olympics Youth leader from South Africa leading a Youth Innovation Project to grow Special Olympics participation, especially amongst women and girls. To increase participation in inclusive activity, she plans to introduce Unified Sports to a nearby main stream school where we will be focusing on netball and ladies’ football. As a gold medalist in ice skating and having had the opportunity to travel to Austria for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, Bianca has the spirit to motivate and encourage others with and without intellectual disability to play sports and participate meaningfully.

The primary goal of Bianca’s project will be to spread the message of inclusion and create more opportunities for others to experience inclusive activities. She believes that sports – especially Unified Sports – can serve as an ideal platform to achieve this goal. Bianca’s plan is to increase participation in Unified Sports by recruiting women and young ladies, with and without disabilities, to participate in two specific sports: netball and football. Having participated herself in Special Olympics netball, Bianca is excited to share her skills and knowledge with others.

As Bianca leads her project, she is committed to see increased female participation in Special Olympics through netball and football and create an inclusive environment amongst Special Olympics athletes and the community. Bianca’s project is generating more awareness and support for Special Olympics by recruiting and reaching out to new Special Olympics athletes, Unified Partners, and the community – her leadership is growing the Unified Generation in South Africa and around the world!







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