Engaging New Unified Schools in Kiribati


Nikotaake and Borarau are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Kiribati leading a Youth Innovation Project to implement Unified Sports and create Unified Schools in three primary schools in their country. While the schools are inclusive – i.e., they have both students with and without intellectual disabilities – they do not yet offer any Special Olympics Unified Sports programming.


Nikotaake and Borarau’s project will engage over 300 students across the three schools in Special Olympics and Unified Sports activity. With that reach, Nikotaake and Borarau are confident that their project will inspire youth across Kiribati to join in the Special Olympics movement. They will prepare Unified Partners before they participate on teams by teaching about Unified Sports and the importance of inclusive sport. Once the participants have learned about the concepts of Unified Sports, they will be able to join Unified teams and start having fun together to make their schools more socially inclusive.


As the project grows and more youth continue to join, Nikotaake and Borarau know that they will need to expand programming and fundraise in order to provide more and more opportunities for Unified Sports. With this in mind, they will also conduct fundraising initiatives to keep their project growing into the future. With Nikotaake and Borarau’s leadership, the Unified Generation will continue to grow in schools in Kiribati and around world!






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