Engaging Youth Leaders through Unified Football

Ibrahim is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Lebanon who will lead a Unified Sports project that will help provide football (soccer) programming for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. In September 2018, Ibrahim participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and learned how to enhance the impact of his youth leadership and establish a project plan for his initiative.


At the Forum, Ibrahim also learned that Unified Sports can serve as a great catalyst of inclusion and help form an even stronger Unified Generation. Through his project, Ibrahim will help establish new inclusive clubs in schools and renew inclusive clubs that already exist.  Ibrahim aims to recruit youth leaders and volunteers to help create a safe space for everyone to participate without any feelings of discrimination or exclusion.


Over the coming year, Ibrahim will work with new and existing student groups to grow inclusion through football. He will also recruit and train new youth leaders to help organize Unified football matches. In his words, Ibrahim wants “to help people with intellectual disability to become more self-confident and to be able to engage in their societies.” With the help of youth leaders and volunteers, Ibrahim will establish new clubs at schools without Unified Sports and grow the Unified Generation in Lebanon and beyond.