The Inclusive E-Drawing Book

Miftahul and Putrie are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Indonesia who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to change false perceptions about people with intellectual disabilities by equipping them to become artistic entrepreneurs. Through this project called “The Inclusive E-Drawing Book,” Miftahul and Putrie will be able to empower those with intellectual disabilities by giving them the tools to become entrepreneurs and sell their artwork. All with the goal of changing the perceptions of individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Over the course of three months, Miftahul and Putrie will hold training sessions for people with intellectual disabilities to learn Paint Software. This software is used to create digital artwork so that it can be printed on products such as shirts, mugs, keychains, and other items. These items can then be sold, creating a unique income opportunity. Through this project, Miftahul and Putrie hope to address the lack of employment opportunities available to those with intellectual disabilities. In doing so, they will fight against harmful stigmas and create jobs for those with and without intellectual disabilities. Miftahul and Putrie’s project will actively engage 40 participants with and without intellectual disabilities, paving the way to the Unified Generation.