Establishing a Youth Leadership Network in Austria

Andre and Rene are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Austria who will lead a Youth Innovation Project, to create a network of Youth Leaders. Through their project, they hope to support their partnering Unified Schools by highlighting and expanding the opportunities they offer to students with and without disabilities. By creating a network of Youth Leaders at current Unified Schools, Andre and Rene are hopeful that these individuals can expand the message of inclusion and Unified Schools throughout their country.


Once the network of Youth Leaders is formed, Andre and Rene will mobilize their network to visit schools in their community that are not currently Unified Schools. With the support of their network, Andre and Rene will meet with school administrators to share their experience with Unified Schools, offer a Unified Schools training and education session, and find new Youth Leaders to support future projects. Through this project, Andre and Rene hope to expand the programming of ten current Unified Schools, create two new Unified Schools, and at least one Unified Champion School. In doing so, Andre and Rene will ensure the continued growth of their network of Youth Leaders.