Establishing Inclusive Activism in Kuwait

Hasan is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Kuwait who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Hasan will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to promote the inclusion of Youth Leaders with intellectual disabilities in activism around a variety of causes. Inspired by his experience at the 2019 World Games, Hasan hopes that his project inspires other Youth Leaders to find their voice as he did and become advocates for a better world.


Over the course of the next year, Hasan will organize a series of volunteer opportunities that introduce Youth Leaders to different forms of activism and a wide range of causes. Youth Leaders will serve meals to families in need, recycle waste materials, participate in a beach clean-up, attend a workshop on humanitarian relief efforts, and promote inclusion through participation in Unified Sports events. Hasan hopes that Youth Leaders will find a cause they are passionate about and feel empowered to ensure that all areas of advocacy are inclusive to individuals with intellectual disabilities. By providing Youth Leaders with opportunities to discover their passion, Hasan is empowering the Unified Generation to establish inclusive activism practices across a variety of important causes.






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